Rest In Peace Greg Martin


I could tell you a few reasons why Greg Martin is brilliant, throw you a wiki paste of generic information you will forget when you leave here to play your two hundred strong steam game library of games. BUT you’re here now, and my mother always said you shouldn’t bother listening to strangers and we all know our mothers talk shit. So settle down and hear this good friend.


Greg Martin had talent for creating original art for animation shows and video games like Adventure Island, Bomberman 2, Taz Mania, Thundercats, The Jetsons and my favourite series the Sonic the Hedgehog games. But Greg had another talent, he was a dreamweaver too. Cast your mind back to the days of three button controllers and a glitch in a game meaning you hit the reset button instead of never playing the game again and forgetting the hard work the developers spooned into the cart you bashed around your bedroom like a kid starved of Lego. Well before I digress, what I mean by Greg Martin being a dreamweaver is way before sonic had a voice and green eyes, all I would have to help my imagination build on the world set out in the a videogame is the artwork like that of Greg Martin’s and quite honestly I was spoiled.


I remember spending hours looking at the box art of the Sonic games, sizing up Sonic for the super hero he was, Dr Robotnik was also a daunting enemy to behold, if you cast your eyes over the Sonic 2 art work you will notice Dr Robotnik has no eyes to speak of, just dark voids of space. You can measure a man up if you look into his eyes and here Sonic has no choice but to take on his enemy without the luxury of knowing his weaknesses because we can’t measure a face up without the eyes; and that meant WE the players had to do the same. That left me with the excitement and determination I needed to see me to the end of the game many times over. The artwork also appear gloomy and dark, which is foreboding and gave us that sense of danger we looked for in video games.


Now I hear a few of you sighing at my poor and incorrect use of “mise-en-scène” analysis of a video game cover and maybe a few clicks as you navigate away from this great blog to your favorite pornography haunt. But I’m not finished yet so if you haven’t gone yet stick with me, I was in a family of seven, and grew up solitary being the youngest as my siblings had flown the nest, my parents found they had more time to get back to the life they had without a house full of children, so I was left alone with Greg Martins art work and a blue hedgehog who took me into space, under water, to mountain tops and even on top of ice caps. So that’s why I find Sonic visually to be an instant escape from my day to day tasks, That artwork was so much more than the glossy forgettable pages of nothingness you will find if you open your eyes in a super market today. It connected with me and stuck. So for that reason I can sell it like your life depended on never forgetting the effort Greg Martin put in for all of us. So with that said I leave you will this: It would be a sad day to see Greg Martin forgotten and under quoted in gaming circles in the future. But in my opinion I don’t thinks it’s possible, he was THAT good. Pop onto your social feeds and put out a respectful tweet or like to Greg Martin the brilliant illustrator.


Lest we forget – why don’t you Google image search Greg Martin and honor this man by selecting one of his art works as desktop wallpaper for a week. Whilst I do just that, I will leave you to your day, or what’s left of it.

Ben. A.K.A. Vipp