Pinball FX2 on Steam.

Yup, Pinball FX2 has now been released on Steam to be played on my lovely PC. Making my XBox 360 more and more redundant! In fact, if you’ve been watching my streams recently, I’ve been playing a fair amount of the Star Wars tables that I didn’t get on the Xbox 360 version.

Title Screen

Yes, I’m using a controller for this rather than the good ol’ keyboard. The Right analogue stick makes a half descent faux-plunger!Select Screen

Some of the tables that I really like, such as Excalibur, Epic Quest, Ms ‘Splosion Man, and Street Fighter are absent at the moment. I’ll be crossing my fingers for their release on the PC!Vader

Darth Vader, menacingly looming over the table in the intro sequence to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes back table.Storm Trooper

The table gets you to unlock “Scenes” from the game where-by you have missions based on scenes in the movie. In this case you got an attack from the Imperial Storm Troopers. You have to hit the trooper with the ball without getting the ball shot. Plus there’s a hole in the middle of the table where you’ll need some good accuracy to shoot for the loop and hit the trooper from behind using the mini flippers just under the loop.WalkerThe classic walker scene where the rebels use a tow cable around it’s legs to make it fall. In this you have to get the ball through the loop 5 times to take out the walker.

Boba Fett Table

The Boba Fett table. Personally it’s a bit to “busy”. There’s so many designs and lights on the table it’s hard to keep up!Boba FettThe Boba Feet toy on the table is kinda cool as it’ll use a jet pack and bounce from point to point on the table. Plus he’ll get missions from Vader and Jabba where they’re talking to each other, making the table feel “alive”.


Then there’s the Clone wars table, personally, I’ve never seen the cartoons, but I did like this intro with the text scrolling into the distance.2013-05-12_00010The table on the other hand is possibly the weakest out of the three tables. I just can’t figure it out by looking at the table. so I honestly haven’t got the faintest clue what’s happening, especially when missions happen. You can look at the little screen on the top left corner of the screen, but even blinking on this table will cause you to drop the ball through the middle.

So far, I’m liking the Star Wars tables, though Boba Fett table could be “cleaner”, and the Clone Wars table could do with a redesign for game’s sake. But it’s the Empire Strikes Back table that wins it for me. It’s designed well, makes sense while playing it, and easy to understand. You can download Pinball FX2 on Steam for free, and the three Star Wars tables are for £6.29 at the moment on a 10% discount up until the 17th of May. But I’ll be waiting for Epic Quest to appear on Steam to lovingly play it on my PC! 😀