Original GameBoy styled 3DS?

I’ve been really bad trying to keep up with other people’s blogs. But when cruising Kotaku a few minutes a go I stumbled upon an image that I wanted to see bigger!


Thing is, each time I clicked on the link it would just send me back to the Kotaku home page. I had to see this! Even if the blurb said it’s fake!


With a bit of Googling, I found that that plenty of other blogs mentioned this about 2 weeks ago. One being Tiny Cartridge, another blog which I have failed in keeping up with, hence why I didn’t see this the first time. But damn! Looks at that! It looks so cool! Being a fan of the GameBoy as a kid, I would LOVE to see this get released. After all Nintendo did release the Famicom/NES GameBoy Advance SPs and the Famicom GameBoy Micro. If only Nintendo were actually making this, which unfortunately their not, I would purchase one of these faster than a heart beat!


Then again, the same artist has posted this image too. A red and white Pokemon 3DS based on the colours found on a Pokeball. It’s not a bad design considering it’s Pokemon, most Pokemon themed consoles have the face of Pikachu or some other Pokemon on it, but in this case it’s just red and white, which means people won’t know it’s Pokemon themed from a distance, lol!