Nintendo E3 Rumour time!


E3 will be next week, and to be honest I’m not too excited about it. If there’s anything to be excited about, I don’t know about it yet. However Twitter user @9_volt88 posted a rather interesting image…

There’s a column with a sign on it saying “Mario Maker”. This has already excited a few people on Twitter already; me included as Super Mario was my childhood hero. As a kid I used to draw out level designs for possible future Mario titles. I even drew out levels for a game I called “Mario Jungle” that looked very much like the jungle levels in the GameBoy Donkey Kong game. Plus there are many people out there creating what are called “Mario ROM Hacks”. These are redesigned Super Mario Bros levels that are often incredibly hard to impossible in difficulty!

However, I do have to be aware that this is Nintendo. Nintendo has major strict rules when it comes to people using cameras and phones near any of there expo and convention materials and displays. Chances are if anyone got in to have a look, they may have had their phone/camera confiscated and forced to write a contract not to mention anything about what they’ve seen until Nintendo has revealed it.

Still, an official Mario ROM Hack maker sounds really cool! Not too sure if it’s 3DS or WiiU, seeing as both consoles now use a stylus. If it is real, it might be released on both consoles. We’ll have to see if this is real or not, but it’ll be awesome if it is true!

Comment below what you think! Would you buy an Official Mario ROM Hack maker?