My new favourite YouTube channel.


I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently and I discovered a YouTube Channel called Lazy Game Reviews. A YouTube channel that focuses on retro computing and PC gaming.

Clint, the host of LGR, does a few different shows on his Youtube Channel.

This one is OddWare, a show where he reviews and demonstrates obsolete hardware. In this episode he shows of an optical mouse that was released back in the eighties! Who’d thought there was such a thing as optical mice in the eighties! Well, Clint discovered one, and it requires a special reflective mouse pad and a nine volt power supply for it to work.

He has a great video about the history of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

One of his early videos show off a game that he’s cursed to find all the time, a terrible Doom Clone called Depth Dwellers. Reviewed in an Angry Video Game style, but without going mad about it. Clint describes how horrible this game is without exploding like AVGN or the Nostalgia Critic. Not to bash them, I love you guys, but Clint is cool enough to calmly describe every bad thing about this Depth Dwellers game. And yes it’s bad! Really BAD!!!

This man is a bit of a Sims fan, not just SimCity and SimAnt, but “The Sims” too. Not my cup of tea as I got bored of the first PC game quite quickly. But Clint here will tell you everything that’s great about each of the Sims game and their expansions.

One show of Clint’s that I love is his new “LGR Thrifts” videos. Very similar to Mike Kennedy’s “Big Game Hunter”; LGR Thrifts shows Clint wearing a pair of spy glasses as he enters a few American second hand, Thrift, and charity shops. Which to be perfectly honest with you look why better than the Charity Shop over here in Brighty! I love these damn videos to see what kind of stuff he can find! He even found a freaking IBM PC XT! Man that’s awesome to own the “Original” Desktop computer!

So go ahead, click here to head over to his Youtube channel and subscribe to his videos, it’s well worth it!

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