My first experience with the PlayStation.


So it’s the 20th Anniversary of the PlayStation, or as most people would now call it, the PS1. Maybe I should write a blog about the first experience I had with the system.

Front of school

In 1995, I went to a fete at the Mayfield Primary School. I can’t remember the reason why, it wasn’t the school that I was attending, that and I was about to go to Secondary School after the Summer break. Three things went down at this fete, I won about £10 at a putting game they had, I tried the internet out for the first time on an Acorn computer using a huge track ball, and I tried out a PlayStation. I don’t have any photos of this event, or me playing said system, so I’m just going to have to write down everything that I remember.


The first thing I noticed was that there were two system, and they were coloured, one was a teal-green colour system, and the other was a blue-ish grey coloured system. For a very long time I wondered how the people running this stall had these systems, I would eventually find out through the power of the internet that there were coloured debug systems. Thing is, I don’t remember them looking like the colours in the image above, they looked duller than the colours above, then again this was 19 years ago, and my memory might not serve me right!

Ridge_Racer Battle-arena-toshinden-PSX

The two games that I got to play was Ridge Racer and Battle Arena Toshinden. I can’t remember which game I played first, but something was very apparent when I played these games…

Each time the system turned on, which I don’t get seeing as they had two systems, each with their own game, but I saw this screen way too much. And considering that they were charging me for each 10 minutes or something like that, having these boot up screens got me annoyed big time!

When playing Ridge Racer, not only did I have to see that Sony Computer Entertainment logo, but I had to play Galaxian as the game began to load. This was one of my first gripes with the system, Loading. To me, loading a game was an old school thing to do, such as loading a game from a tape for a Commodore 64 or a ZX Spectrum. After being privileged with instant booting cartridges from my GameBoy, NES, and SNES, I was ignorant about CD technology and had no real idea about load times for CDs.

For me, owning a Commodore 64 meant spending time looking at a flicking screen as a tape would boot up. I’ll admit, I’m very impatient, so being a kid and waiting for five to fifteen minutes for a game to load was hell for me. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t have as many distractions as I have now, meaning that I appreciate the C64 now compared to when I was a kid. But as I said, as an eleven year old, by the time I got my Nintendo consoles, I honestly believe that loading was a thing of a the past!

Battle Arena Toshinden was good, for at least 1995, there have been better fighting games since then. However I remember the loading screens between battles, which again annoyed me. Being the eleven year old who grew up with cartridges, again thinking that loading was something of the past.

These days on the other hand, I look back on these videos and think that I was a picky kid when it came to video games. I mean heck, I was a Nintendo fan-boy through the nineties! Personally I regret that seeing as there were plenty of great games on other systems in the nineties, though I highly doubt that my family would’ve been able to afford all the systems back then. So maybe being a fan-boy was a good thing for my parents wallets!

It wouldn’t be until 2001, the same year that the PplayStation 2 came out, that I would actually go and get myself a PlayStation. What made me do this was the popularity of Dance Dance Revolution, or Dancing Stage as it was called over here in Europe. I heard that the name change was due to a name of a popular German nightclub called the “Dance Revolution”, though I have no idea if that’s actually true. This was the game that would get me into the Rhythm game genre.

There was the DJ game before DJ Hero called BeatMania. In Europe we got our own version that came with a few licensed tracked such as Jacques your Body and Dreaming.

Let’s not forgot what made the Rhythm genre possible, that little rapping dog, Parappa the Rapper!

To be brutally honestly, I wish I got into the PlayStation earlier than I did. But fortunately you can still buy these games on eBay in the abundance, not to mention that you can download PS1 games on the PS3, PS4, PSP and PSVita. The Sony PlayStation definitely has a legacy that will last a long…. time!

What was your first experience with a PlayStation? Did you like it? Did you loathe it? What games did you play? Write them down in the comments below!