Manual-less games are for real now!


So, I received my copy of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds early (I have ways to get games early and I’m not going to tell anyone how I do it!), I open it up to discover something I wouldn’t expect Nintendo to do in a hundred years. Give up on manuals!

What you receive is the typical advertisement and disclaimer leaflets, but you receive this too; a multi-language piece of folded up paper describing to you where you can find the digital manual in the 3DS main menu.

Granted, this was going to happen one day, but I’m amazed that Nintendo jumped onto this band wagon quickly! I honestly thought out of all the game developers and publishers out there, Nintendo would be the LAST to something like this. Clearly this is where my rose tinted Nintendo fan boy side of me is kicking in and maybe I should just deal with it. But just like what other people say, there’s something cool about reading the stories, looking at artworks and checking out if any maps are included in the box. As others put it, it’s a memorys of driving home checking out the manual in the back seat before you get home to play the game. That Ladies and Gentlemen is dead, well at least for Nintendo that is…

Amazingly, this bothered me for 40 minutes, and I tweeted like some fanboy not being satisfied because a piece of paper wasn’t included in the box. But it was more to do with the fact that they still crammed papers into the box of said game, even including where to find the digital manual. I mean come on, isn’t the whole point of “Manual-less games” is to prevent spending money on printed paper?

Funny enough, the game does have an alternative cover, which is simply just a coloured version of the gold sepia cover it has. Personally I like alternative covers, but this time it didn’t win me.

Jumping on Vine again, I created a solution for Link Between Worlds lack of manual, try to cram a Link to the Past manual into it!