Lucasarts… I mean “LucasFilm” is now on


For the last 2 weeks, GOG has been hinting a new publisher to appear on their site. Today they announced said publisher to be LucasArts, whoops! I mean “LucasFilm”. Personally love the Lucas “Film” games (Seriously guys, I know that LucasArts is technically dead, but what gives!?),
I love their point and click adventure games, though to be honest the first few LucasFilm games on GOG today is a little lack-luster, not to mention I already owned all but the StarWars games on this list. Plus I own a lot of LucasArt (I mean Films) games on disc when they re-released in big box sets at GAME quite a few years ago…


However, there are a few LucasArts, I mean LucasFilm games I want to get. One is the very first LucasFilm games made, Labyrinth: The Computer Game. It’s a very early point and click adventure game based on the Labyrinth movie featuring David Bowie.

The next is another early LucasArts (film) game, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.

Does anyone remember from E3 when they announced the remake of Grim Fandango? Maybe you’ll be able to purchase it from in the future…

Lastly, one game I remember seeing in an advert that came with my copy of SimCity 2000 on the Mac is LucasArts only simulation that I’m aware of, AfterLife, a game where you design Heaven and Hell!

If GOG releases these games on their site, I would so buy them!

So what do you think of LucasArts…  I MEAN LUCASFILM! on Are you excited? Will you get any of the games? Will you wait? Are you like me who already owns most of the Lucas(Film) games on disc? Or do you just don’t care? Write in the comments below!

  • drich255

    I was big into the Indiana Jones movies growing up. So I spent a lot of time playing through Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This had a lot of the physical extras like Henry’s Grail Diary that was used to solve some of the puzzles in the game, so they would probably need to give you digital versions of those items.

    Fate of Atlantis was also great, A very refined point-and-click. Maybe a little too easy, but at least not so frustrating as some of the adventure games were and you had no idea what to do to get past a certain point.

    I also had a multipack back then, so I did play Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max. After that, I was a bit burned out on Point-and-Click formula, so I didn’t play much of the others.

    Somehow I missed out on the Monkey Island games.

    This is very tempting. I never played the X-Wing or Tie Fighter games, but know they were really good. As well as Knights of the Old Republic.

    I had heard of Zak McKracken, bud didn’t know about Labyrinth. Interesting.

    • Great Bit Blog

      The Adventure Island games are great! I a re-released copy of Escape from Monkey Island back in the early 2000s. I had a demo for the game back in the Nineties, but didn’t get it until much later.

      I had a few Lucas Arts game demos on my Mac, I loved them, and would play the demo over and over again, so I was really pleased when they re-released the games. So yeah, I would get the full games later, but I’m a huge fan of the LucasArts Adventure games!