Llamasoft Time! AMC Attack of the Mutant Camels

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, and more Nintendo! OK, I’m pretty sure you guys are tired of me talking about Nintendo games, so let’s talk about other formats shall we?
Not Sega, not Sony, not Microsoft…
More importantly, the Commodore 64!
When I came back from PlayExpo back in October, I had a hankering to play a bit of my classic C64. Not only that, but I had a hankering for some Llamasoft games, as I met Jeff Minter at PlayExpo too. So off to (Fe)eBay I went, and grabbed myself a few Llamasoft tapes! 
Oh yes Kiddies, a lot of games on the Commodore 64 came on audio cassettes!
So, it’s Jeff Minter, it’s Llamasoft, it’s about Camels shooting lasers in space! What’s not to like right?
The game is pretty much a clone of Midway’s Defender, however, the Aliens are replaced with HUGE mutant camels that shoot lasers out of their mouths Godzilla style! So yes, it’s a Jeff Minter game all right!
The Gameplay is fairly obvious, especially if you’ve played Defender before. You’re flying over the surface of a planet with great big huge Camels shooting lasers at you, and you have to shoot them down, but this isn’t like Defender or Space Invaders where you shoot an alien and they die, these mutant camels will need at least twenty shots before keeling over and dying. you start off with six camels, kill each camel and then play a bonus level where you have to avoid other space ships whilst preparing a hyperdrive to speed off to the next planet.
Simple game really, that and the tape loads quickly…
I wish I had this as a kid, I hated waiting from ten to thirty minutes waiting for a tape to load!
I hate to say that this is a short blog, but there’s not a huge amount to say about Attack of the Mutant Camels, you shoot giant camels, they shoot back, you kill them, you play a bonus level, onto the next level, and it’s awesome! Definitely a good pick for the C64!