Let’s Play The Silver Case: Part 7 “I’ll be back…”

So we figured out that the murders were not done by Kamui, but rather by his ex-lover Ayame, who is jealous of Kamui having kids with other women. And therefore Kamui is a deadbeat Dad, and Ayame is one hell of a green eyed monster, to the point where she would kill herself!

After completely that chapter, I was able to unlock this “Placebo” thing, turns out that it’s a side story to The Silver Case where we take a glimpse of a reporter named Tokio, for whom has been given an assignment to report on Kamui. Turns out that this Tokio character will have an interesting interaction with The Silver Case!

P.S. If you’re doing a Let’s Play, be sure that you’re able to read and pronounce things on screen! For some weird reason I wasn’t able to read premonition for some reason, even though I own the Deadly Premonition game! I feel like an absolute moron!