Let’s Play Boss!

Here’s an interesting one; a brand new shmup for the Atari 2600! This is Boss, and it’s being made by Twin Galaxies high scorer Dave Vogt. He’s running an IndieGoGo campaign where, if the campaign succeeds, you can get this game on an actual Atari 2600 cart, and a mobile edition of the game.

I was lucky to get hold of Dave who was kind enough to give me a ROM of the game. I recorded this to show you what the game is like, and it’s a shooter with a big alien on the top of the screen that changing it’s attack pattern and size over time. This growing alien shoots (very slow) lasers at you, and a (much faster) missile will appear every so often to end you. It’s a pretty entertaining game.

Anyway, go over to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/boss-a-brand-new-atari-2600-game#/ and go fund the project to get this game made into an actual playable cartridge for the awesome Atari 2600!

If you use Twitter you can get hold of Dave at https://twitter.com/LudicrousDa3ve

You can find Dave Vogt on Youtube here.

  • slobu

    I’m the developer of Boss/Cyber WIlly. Thank you for the awesome playthrough! One quick point: this game is long finished (2012). I changed a few of the graphics to differentiate Daves release. Your distaste for slow moving lasers is noted ~_^ Feel free to hit me up on AtariAge as theloon.

    • Great Bit Blog

      Vipp got in contact with me and he told me that you wanted me to change a few things. So I changed the descriptions and the blog so that the “Alpha, beta, and work in progress” is removed. As for removing that in the video, I’m not quite sure how to overwrite a posted video, but I’ll get that corrected for you on Monday.

      And yes, faster lasers please! 😛

    • Great Bit Blog

      Hey there, I added annotations to the video to explain that I had no idea that the ROM was final, and thinking that it’s beta. Hopefully this will fix things out.

  • Vipp

    It’s a nice little write up mate, thank you for helping out the retro comminty. The Indiegogo campaign is now at $600!

    • Great Bit Blog

      Awesome one. Good to here the great news on the campaign!