I want this ugly GameBoy game SO MUCH!


Seriously! Look at it! It’s a GameBoy Multicart that’s simply two GameBoy carts stacked on top of each other! I can swear by looking at it that it’s taller than a GameBoy Camera; possibly taller than a GameBoy Game Genie! It’s totally ridiculous, but that in itself make me want it more! Plus I like to point out that this multicart has a button on the top. I’ve seen these before, they’re used to switch between games on the cart. I had a pirate multicart once; you had to keep flicking the on and off switch rapidly to switch between games. It was a pretty good multicart too that featured Dr. Mario (but I already own it by the time I got it), Klax, MotoCross Maniacs and of course the obligatory Battle City; because every multicart needs a version of Battle City on it!


Now I’m not really a fan of pirated/Boot leg games, but I’ll finish this blog with a better picture of this cart. Look at it! It’s atrocious! It’s so bad it’s good! I have to get this now, even though it’s slowly getting pricier than what I want to pay for it! Maybe this’ll bring a new wave of shopping that I might do to find the ugliest gaming stuff ever! Maybe not. Still, I want to get this just because of how insane the cart is! Maybe the cart had to be that big to fit 181 games into it. But I have a bad feeling that just like most pirated multicarts, it’ll feature one game multiple times.

…still though, #datCart! LMAO!

What do you think of this crazy cart? Will you be bidding on it now to take it from me!? What games do you think are on it? Do you already own one of these!? Tell me in the comments below!