I try out Retaliate on Android.


On Twitter I have recently followed a few Indie development bots. What these are they’re simply programs on Twitter that find hashtags and phrases, and automatically retweet them. In this case the Indie Development bot retweet any tweets that use the hastag, #IndieDev. After doing this I’ve been inundated with so many retweets about indie devs in development it’s almost Twitter spam! But one retweet caught my eye when I found this interesting sh’mup on Android called Retaliate.


This game might look like you’re typical retro shooter, like Space Invaders, Galaga or even one of my favourites, Phoenix; but this is quite different. Shown in the video above, the idea of this game is that ammunition is limited, and you need to take enemy bullets using a shield and use it against them.


You move the ship left and right by tilting your phone or tablet left and right, you pull up your shield by tapping the left half of the screen, and shoot by tapping the right half of the screen. The Shield can only be used for a certain amount of time, but regenerates back, this is indicated by the blue bar on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This is so you don’t over use the shield! You don’t just use the shield to consume bullets, the red enemy ships that scroll down and try to crash into you can be destroyed by the shield just like in Phoenix; except in this game you can still move with the shield up. There are Grey enemy ships on the top of the screen that move left and right that try to shoot you. The idea is to bring up your shield, take the bullet, and use those bullets against them. But you’ll find out that the red ships act as a human shield for the grey ships and can get in the way of your fire!


If you’re not a fan of tilt controls, the game does offer controller support, so if you own a PS3 Dual Shock 3, or a wired XBox 360 controller and a USB on-the-go cable, you can play this game with real controls. However the game isn’t quite finished yet as there’s a lot of polishing that this game needs. When I tried out the controller support, the game uses the analogue stick as it has analogue controls that feel like paddle controls; but there’s no dead zone for the stick meaning that my ship would slowly move left or right just because my wired 360 controller is a little worn and doesn’t auto centre perfectly. Another thing I noticed was the lack of back buttons; seeing as the latest version of android features a full screen mode whereby if you need the home and back button you need to flick the screen from top to bottom to reveal them. If I needed to go back on anything such as the options screen, I had to keep bringing up the back button by flicking the whole screen as if I was about the quit the game.


Regardless of it’s flaws, I honestly think that this is a great game. It’s a breath of fresh air considering that now almost every other shooting game is a Japanese style bullet hell game. This brings back the concept of a retro shooter but brings in a new gameplay mechanic that makes it unique. I’d love to see where this game goes, and just like with Canabalt, I’d love to see a port of this game on a retro console or computer. An Atari 2600 version of this game like the port of Phoenix would be really cool!

Interested in playing this game? Click here to download onto your Android device.

Hate adverts!? You can pay for a non advertisement version of the game right here for 58p!

Have you tried out Retaliate yet? What do you think of it? Did you buy the Non-advert version of the game? Tell me in the comments down below!