I made a game!


Sorry for not posting as much as I should, the good old mix of being mega busy at work, and procrastinating when I’m not working. However Humble Bundle had a Weekly Bundle where Multimedia Fusion was included with a set of games. For those who don’t know what Multimedia Fusion is, it’s an evolution of a piece of software called Klik and Play, a game maker release in 1994 for Windows 3.1 and Mac, a game maker that I understood. Other game makers such as DarkBASIC, YoYo Game Maker (that was free for a limited time) and many others I simply couldn’t get to grasp, but the experience I had on Klik and Play on my old Mac where I made a set of basic games on it, I had to snatch this up, not because it’s basically an Updated version of Klik and Play, but I had an idea for a shooting game!


This is Perfect Red, my Sh’mup, a very “un-bullet hell” shooter. The idea is that you have to shoot accurately, and have no enemies leave the screen. As enemies descend from the top of the screen, you must shoot them! Failing to do this and the “Missometer” increases. The Missometer will increase when you either crash into an enemy, let an enemy reach the bottom of the screen, or letting a laser reach the top of the screen. Think of it as a mix of Taito’s Space Invaders with Activision’s Kaboom, played on a Virtual Boy!


At the moment I have an alpha build of the game available if you wish to try it out. I still need to tweak the balancing and the difficulty of the game. Keep an eye out on my blog for updates of this game!

Right Click and “Save As…” here for the alpha build of Perfect Red!