I don’t want to get Hyrule Warriors!!!


Here’s another Vlog I recorded about Hyrule Warriors: The next Zelda game coming out in a months time. Sure I like Zelda games, but this isn’t really a “Zelda Game”, it’s a Dynasty Warriors game crossed-over with the Zelda franchise.

So will I be stupid and buy this game for Zelda’s sake, or will I be sensible and deny purchasing a Dynasty Warriors game!?

If you don’t know what Hyrule Warriors is, check the video below.

…and if you don’t understand why I dislike Dynasty Warriors, watch this, you just swing, and swing, move forwards, and swing, and swing… In other words, the repetition is boring!

So… Are you getting Hyrule Warriors? Do you like Dynasty Warriors? Am I missing the point? Write in the comments below!