HDmy Boy. The HDMI mod for your DMG-01 GameBoy


Here’s a pretty cool mod that brings your good old DMG-01 brick GameBoy into the 21st century and adds modern HDMI to it. A company called Current Cake is working on the mod, which is simply a circuit board that sandwiches itself between the front and back half the GameBoy. All you do is open up the GameBoy, detach the video ribbon cable from the motherboard, and put the HDmy Boy in its place. Later models will allow you to reattach the GameBoy video ribbon cable back to the HDmy Boy, allowing you to still use the screen for portable, away from the TV fun.

As shown in the video, the HDmy Boy uses an NES controller to control the game, rather than holding the GameBoy. Plus, installing the HDmy Boy makes the GameBoy 50% thicker now there’s another circuit board mounted inside the system. It might not make the console look pretty, but it’s cool to be able to play GameBoy games up-scaled to 1080p (1008 actual) in digital video.


The project began when brothers, Zane and Joshua, discovered a GameBoy inside a box filled with cables during their time visiting parents for Christmas. They originally built a a board that gave a VGA output for the GameBoy and they liked it, so they made a similar board that provides HDMI output.


As expected, the HDmy Boy works similar to that of the Super GameBoy on the SNES. You can select and change colour palettes.

If you’re interested in this, Current Cake has began their KickStarter to raise funds to mass produce the HDmy Boy. It starts at €115 plus shipping, and there are different packs depending on how much you want to spend. The most expensive pack is a crazy €1000 pack that comes with a GameBoy with a pre-installed HDmy Boy, a first party NES controller and ten GameBoy games. Check out their Twitter page @HDmyBoy for details and updates.