Happy Guy Fawkes Night!

Yup, on the 5th of November, us Brits celebrate something called “Guy Fawkes Night”, where we celebrate the fact we executed a terrorist who attempted to blow up the House of Commons and Lords with dynamite and failed. Sounds a bit gruesome and nasty, but unlike the depiction of Guy Fawkes in V For Vendetta, Guy was a nut case who ran around Germany and Holland killing off Lutherans to support the Catholic Roman Holy Empire… So yeah, he deserved what he got to be honest… But let’s not think of that! Let’s think about why us Brits like Guy Fawkes night! Beer, bonfires, and fireworks! So let me show off Fireworks in Video games!


The first example of Fireworks in video games that I can think of is in Super Mario Bros on the NES. By grabbing the flag pole at the end on the level with the last digit on the time showing a number six, you’re awarded bonus points and six fireworks shooting off. You can do the same thing with three as the last digit on the time for three fireworks, and one for one firework.


In the SNES RPG Chrono Trigger, Fireworks are displayed in the game’s ending and credits.


I can’t think of anything Sega related on the top of my head, heck I even thought fireworks were in the background of the Casino Night Zone in the Sonic games, turns out there isn’t. But Sega did make this piece of kit, the Sega Hanabi Projector, a cool piece of kit that projects a firework display on the ceiling of your living room. This thing better makes sounds too or it’s not worth it!

On the PS2, there’s Fantavision, a game based on exploding fireworks, and racking up points with combos. It’s a pretty good game, with the exception of super weird cutscenes and music…

Back to Sony again, there’s a rhythmic AR game on the Vita just called “Fireworks” that plays a bit like Elite Beat Agents.


On the DS there’s a game called Big Bang Mini where by you move a cursor on the bottom screen to avoid killer projectiles as you flick the touch screen to launch fireworks at your enemies.

After defeating Orochi in Okami, the people in Kamiki village have a firework party, but not in your name, they think someone else defeated him, what a dick move… lol!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, if you can remember any fireworks in video games, leave a comment below!