Happy Birthday PlayStation


I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Sony, nor am I huge fan of the PlayStation. But I will admit the fact that the PlayStation had a pretty impressive library of games for it. Since the release PlayStation 4, I’ve seen a lot of vinyl sticker packs to dress up your PS4 to make it look like an Atari 2600 or an NES; but I thought to myself “Why hasn’t they made a PS1 skin for the PS4 yet?” Well, the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation comes along, and now there’s a super limited edition version of the PS4 console donning the classic grey colour…


It’s close, but that light needs to be green! I guess they did that seeing as the light changes colour depending on an action or status.


Plus the D-pad, buttons and analogues need to be dark grey rather than black. Plus it would’ve been funny if that pad was wired! 😛


As described, the system is going to be limited to 12300 systems worldwide. What’s cool is that each system will have it’s own number to it, like the one above showing number 1. The console and controller will have a texture featuring the face button icons, cross, square, triangle, and circle. However they’re adding a “2” to the left of the circle to make it look like “20”, as in the 20th anniversary on the console.


So what do you think about the 20th Anniversary edition of the PlayStation 4? Do you want one? How much do you think it will cost? Wonder how much cost in 20 years time!? Write it down in the comments below!


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