Happy 25th… and one day GameBoy!


OK, OK, I’m late by a day. But I at least celebrated it on Twitter!

Which keeps on proving the point that I’m a lazy son of a bitch who can’t get things done on time!


I’m going to have to explain to my future children that this was how we took selfies in the nineties!

The GameBoy for me, as a child, was amazingly my primary game system. Sure, the majority of people out there more than likely started their console gaming with a TV console like an NES, a MegaDrive, or an Atari 2600. But for me, I picked the GameBoy, and for two reasons:

  1. It was a Nintendo console, therefore there’s a Mario game on it.
  2. It’s portable! No need to wait for parents to let the TV free for me! Plus I can take it on car trips!

For me, this was a master plan where I sometime sit back and wonder if I was a genius as kid, despite the fact that I had many doctors tell me that I had learning problems. Plus, I remember my parents and grandparents asking me if I wanted a Sega GameGear instead, as it had a colour back-lit screen. But let’s remember which system lasted right? Not to mention the number of GameGears that just don’t work any more! Trust me on this, it’s really hard to find a working GameGear that doesn’t have a fault on it, such as a busted back-lit or a broken speaker.


Heck, GameBoys can survive wars! They were built like a brick!

I wont go too into this, mainly because I’m now writing a book that I hope to get published sometime next year called “Memoirs of a Gamer”. Yes-yes, it’s a pun on “Memoirs of a Geisha”, I’m using that name to get the book noticed! In this book I will be talking A LOT about the GameBoy in my childhood, and how it turned me into the gamer today, even at the age of 30! Think of it as an autobiography of me getting into gaming, from the beginning in 1989, to the present day!

I’m hoping to get this book in both print and ebook, and hope to get everyone to read it and read about the gaming nostalgia I have for both generations older and younger than me!

I’ll leave this blog post with a video in 1992 when Doctor Spin make a techno track to the Russian folk song, Korobeiniki, in Tetris.

Happy Birthday GameBoy! Let you be remembered forever!

Comment below to share any of your GameBoy memories!