GreatBitVlog 13: They’re selling N64 Jumper Paks?


Time for some catch up, seeing as I appear to still be bad at organising this blog! In Today’s Vlog I talk about something weird I noticed today when I found a charity shop selling an N64 Jumper Pak. The thing you use in order to boot up the console, you only ever remove it if you’re installing an Expansion Pak into your system. But after a bit of talking to people on Twitter it turns out that some retailers where known to remove jumper paks out of pre-owned N64 systems!

Not only that, I talk a bit about the announced Zelda Netflix TV show, Persona 5, and an awesome modded PS1 with a model of Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar on the top of it!

You can read about the Zelda Netflix TV Show here.

Here is where you can see all the photos of that awesome looking Final Fantasy VII Midgar PS1.

You can watch the full video of that Persona 5 trailer right here!

What do you think about people selling Jumper Paks that should have come with the N64 in the first place!? What do you think of the Zelda Netflix show announce? Are you excited for Persona 5? What would you model on top of your PlayStation? Tell me in the comments below!