Great day at the car boot sale!

Carboot (1)

So yeah, I had some fun today at the local car boot sale!

The crazy thing was that I almost didn’t go because I felt really rough thing morning, I’m not a morning person, let’s put it like that. It started off kinda bland, there just wasn’t really anything there on my first round around the car boot sale. But when I did my second round, it was as there was a tsunami of deals heading towards me!!!

This is what I got myself!

  • DJ Hero controller for Wii with Dj Hero 1 & 2, got all of that for £5!
  • Cooking Mama 1 & 2, both games for £5
  • Star Trek the 25th Annversary on PC for £1 (Indie’s going to be jealous!)
  • Zoo Tycoon for 25p
  • Driver for 50p
  • Spot goes to Hollywood for 50p
  • Road Rash for 50p
  • 3 Coca cola piggy banks for £1 (I got these because I have a case with CocaCola memorabilia in it)
  • 2 clip boards for £1 (sure they’re not games, but they can be handy!)
  • The Love Below by Andrea 3000 for 50p (Great album)
  • And a  sealed copy of Resident Evil 3 for £5!!!

Carboot (2)

Oh yeah, I really mean it! A sealed game at a freaking car boot sale! To begin with I thought it was a used game, you know, typical car boot quality. I already got a copy on my DreamCast, but was going to get it assuming it was going for cheap to fill my PlayStation collection. The lady said £5, and I was going to put it down before she said, “It’s because it’s sealed.” Low and behold it was and I didn’t noticed it! I threw a fiver at the woman and made a dash!

Carboot (3)

There are a few disappointments though. I really need to make a habit of checking cases and boxes before buying. The copy of Zoo Tycoon I got was meant to come in two discs, and I only have one; fortunately the main installer disc. The other disc was meant to come with the expansions for the game as it’s a complete edition. But I shouldn’t cry over it since I got it for 25p! The copy of Cooking Mama 2 didn’t have it’s manual either, but for £2.50 I can live without it!

Carboot (4) Carboot (5)

The DJ Hero controller is a bit beaten with quite a few scuff marks. Plus I can feel something under the turntable as there’s a little bit of resistance on it, food or dust. I’ll need to open this up with a screw driver and clean it up a bit and see what I can do to clean up the scuff marks.

For little over £20, I think I did really well! To get a DJ Hero 1, 2 and the controller for a fiver, and a sealed copy of Resident Evil 3 for a fiver was amazing! Summer is definitely the time to go car boot hunting!