Get Ikaruga on Steam Now!!!


Oh man, when I got home from work today, I skimmed through my tweets and I found this tweet…


Now granted, that tweet is in French, but I can clearly make out the words “Ikaruga” and “Steam Green Light”. So I clicked on the link, that was all in French; if you can’t tell already I can barely read any French at all… So I shuffled through the page to see if there was a link to steam, and there it is!


Man! Seriously! If I could marry Gabe Newell I so would! lmao! Seriously though, Ikaruga is one hell of an awesome bullet hell sh’mup! A pseudo-sequel to the cult classic Radiant Silver Gun on the Saturn, Ikaruga is a Treasure…  treasure! It’s such a great game! Tough as nails, but unlike other bullet-hells that are designed to be impossible, Ikaruga is hard, but beatable! In my opinion it’s the last of the bullet hell games before it just went ape shit mad!

For those who never played Ikaruga before, it’s a top-down shoot-um-up where you can change the colour of your ship, black or white. The idea is that the black and white colours are the polarities in the Ikaruga ship, in white mode, you shoot white lasers, and can absorb incoming white lasers from enemies, whilst black mode makes the Ikaruga shoot black lasers and absorb enemy black lasers. The trick is that enemy craft can be shot down quicker if you the opposite colour. Black enemies die quicker when shot with white lasers, and white enemies dies quicker when shot with black lasers. But of course you’ll come across parts of the game where soaking up lasers is crucial because it’ll rain it down, so sometimes you have to use the same colour laser, though it’ll take a few more shots than using the opposite colour. Originally this game was released on the Dreamcast, but only in Japan. It managed to get an international release on the GameCube, and got an HD release on Xbox Live Arcade.

One reason for why I’m giddy about this is my recent love for playing vertical screen games on my PC monitor, be it either MAME or Pinball FX2. But this steam release of Ikaruga will feature vertical screen mode, or as the Japanese call it “Tate Mode”. I’ve wanted to play Ikaruga with a vertical screen, but try rotating a heavy CRT display! Or try rotating a 32″ HDTV! Not happening!


But you can purchase these monitor mounts from Amazon that clamps a flat screen monitor to a desk. But they have a rotating axis on it, meaning you can turn the screen around without all the faff I did when I attempted to rig up a makeshift stand out of crap laying around my desk!


So yeah, I’m going to invest in one of those screen mounts with the rotating axis so that I can play my vertical screen games with ease!

So do us (me) a favour and hit that “Yes” button to get Ikaruga Green lit! 😀

Plus… I wonder how you’d play Ikaruga with the Steam controller? 😛 lmao! Remind me to write about this. Yes I know it’s old new! lol!