Gargoyles’ Quest 2 is released on WiiU Virtual Console!


Hey, check that out. A game that cost loads on eBay is at £3.49 on the WiiU virtual console!



It isn’t so awesome when someone tries to sell one of these for a whopping £115! I mean come on guys! Sure it’s not the easiest game to find, but £115 for the game with box but no manual, Jesus! I wouldn’t pay more than £50 for a rare NES game yet alone over £100!!!

But this is where downloadable games are awesome, sure there’s DRM, there’s there’s something not quite right, and you don’t get the “Physical-ness” of it. But as I’ve purchased a game that cost me £3.49 that someone else is selling for £115! I’ll be putting on my smug face thank you very much! :3


After playing the game for a bit, I totally believe this statement. Sure there’s wall clinging in the first game on the GameBoy, but bloody hell you’re doing it all the damn time in this game!

Wall-Clinging Adventure 2: THE CLINGENING!