Every GameBoy title screen ever?


You might be very aware that I love the GameBoy. The whole theme of the blog alone is a dead give away! Youtuber, NickplosionFX, made a video called Press Start that features a whopping two hours and forty five minutes of GameBoy intros and title screens. It’s “alleged” that every GameBoy title screen is in the video, however, Nickplosion explains that he used Wikipedia and other sources to compile a list of GameBoy games, so he admits that it won’t have absolutely every title screen in the video. But for two hours and forty five minutes, he’s got to be damn close!

Nickplosion has made other Press Play videos too. There’s a Press Play for SNES and NES too!

Are you already a subscriber of Nickplosion’s Youtube Channel? Do you notice any missing games in the videos? Do you think it’s awesome!? Write down what you think in the comments below!