E3 Stuff Part 5 “It’s a me, Nintendo!”



Due to the fact that I have a full time job, and I was unaware of the E3 dates, I totally missed the 3PM Nintendo E3 conference. However I was able to sneak a few times out of my manager’s field of view to skim-read live blogs talking about the Nintendo Direct show. And Here it goes…

Super Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS

There’s Smash Bros. For both the 3DS and WiiU. It was a little anti-climatic that the Animal Crossing Villager turns out to be a new character in the game. But… At the end we got to see Mega Man! Mega Man was a rumoured character for Brawl, but didn’t get featured. It’s awesome that they made him “retro-fied” in the sense that he moves just like his 8-bit sprite in the NES games, and makes the same sound effects too.

Super Mario 3D World

So here’s a continuation of Super Mario 3D Land, but now on the WiiU. Featuring co-op multiplayer just like New Super Mario Bros. But here’s the problem…

CatMarioCat Mario… Seriously…

Now coming from the guy who loves to defend the Super Mario franchise to the end of the universe and back. This really takes the mick… It really made the Frog suit in Super Mario 3 sort of worth it. To explain, Cat Mario can now climb walls vertically and pounce on his enemies. But it’s still a god awful power up for a Mario game!


Bayonetta 2


I want this game! I want this game! I want this game! I want this game DAMN IT!

Bayonetta Was one of the rare Xbox 360 games that I loved, It took Devil May Cry, made it better, then turned Devil May Cry into it’s little bitch. That and Bayonetta is hot as always! This is simply one of those games that will get me to buy a WiiU one day!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

A link Between Worlds is now the official name to “Link to the Past 2”. I still love the classic over the head view and classic SNES tunes in this. They didn’t really show off anything new in this video, but it’s nice to know that it’s still in the works.

Monolithsoft’s “X”

Monolithsoft’s still unnamed title for the WiiU still looks amazing, and there was a screen shot that showed more than one player’s stats on the screen, meaning that this game might even have online multiplayer to it! Awesome!