Dragon Quest 1 on Android.


An RPG franchise I never really had the chance to play, mainly because Nintendo of Europe rarely brought turn based RPGs over here, is Japan’s favourite RPG series of all time, Dragon Quest.

I heard that Square Enix was releasing the first Dragon Quest on iOS, but there wasn’t any news on if there was going to be an Android version, until the Descendants of Erdrick announced this on FaceBook.


I have only played a little bit of Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior) on emulation. But know I had the chance to actually own a real copy of the game. Sure there’s a GameBoy Color port, but that itself sells for a lot on eBay. Heck this Android port is the cheapest game that Square Enix has released on Android, costing me a smooth £1.99!


Developed by Square Enix, and localised by Dragon’s Den, the game is simply the Super Famicom port, but using the text from the American Dragon Warrior game. You can see it uses a lot of Shakespearean language in it.


Dragon Quest’s iconic enemies such as the Slimes and Drackys are here to fight you.


All was great until the game crashed on me when I tried to exit the map screen! Oh well, it only cost me £1.99 I guess, still it’s a pain that even in this day and age so many games get released with bugs in them!

I’ll be writing a full review once I beaten the game!

Did you get Dragon Quest 1 on Android or iOS? Have you played the DQ/DW games before? Do you prefer the Dragon Quest games over Final Fantasy? Tell us in the comments below!