Come on Sony, bring the PSTV Value pack over here!


I’ll admit it. I kinda want a Playstation TV. Games such as TXK, Freedom Wars and a bunch of great looking indie games the system is fairly attractive to me. However my gripe with the system is simply that once you buy the system, you still have to buy one of those damn Vita memory cards!


Now granted, the PlayStation TV does feature a one gigabyte internal memory to it; which the PlayStation Vita didn’t. But it bugs me to no end that if I get myself a PSTV, I would have to fork out a lot of money on these Vita memory cards, otherwise I’m stuck with a teeny tiny 1GB of memory!


Now in the US, there’s a pack that comes with a Dualshock 3 controller for another $20. Which is cool, but us Brits don’t have this pack. Which is a shame, then again I don’t really need another controller, plus it sucks that the US doesn’t get a memory card either.


Now I did spot this on Amazon, an 8GB memory card with codes for sports and racing games for £29.99. Which isn’t too bad I guess, I wish the card was bigger though. Even though I’m not terribly into sports games myself, there’s Gran Turismo, Wipe Out, ModNation Racers and Everyone’s Golf. So at least one half of those games are decent in my opinion. Thing is, will these games actually work on the PlayStation TV? Remember, seeing as there’s no touch screen, back panel or camera on the PlayStation TV, not all Vita games will work on it. Let me make sure these games will work!

It turns that that Everybody’s Golf, Tabletop Tanks, Table Mini golf and Top Darts won’t work on the PlayStation TV. It sounds like a bargain, provided you own a PlayStation Vita to put all games onto. Otherwise, if I was to get this, I’ll only be able to use a little over half the games that’s provided on the voucher, which really sucks to be honest!


Now here’s the kicker… Japan actually has a Value Pack for the PlayStation, in similar vein to the Playstation Portable. Just like the Dualshock pack in the US, it comes with a DualShock 3 controller in the box. But hey, lookie there! I don’t need to be able to read Japanese to notice the 8GB written on the box! The pack you see here comes with a 8GB memory card included! The pack costs ¥18900, which is about £105. So for an extra £20 to £30, not only do you get a memory card, but a controller too! That’s definitely better value for money! Makes me wonder why we’re not getting this!? Then again the PlayStation Vita isn’t as hot over here compared to Japan. In Japan the PS Vita and the 3DS are competing systems that rival each other in the market. Whilst over here in the west, it’s clear that the 3DS has more dominance, though I will admit that mobile gaming might take over the 3DS, which is a sad thought. It might happen, it might not.

Honestly though, Sony Computer Entertainment! Where’s my PSTV Value pack!?

…that of make the damn 1GB internal memory bigger!

Do you want a PlayStation TV, do you already own one? What do you think of it? Tell me in the comments below!