Check out Matt the GameBoyle!


Here’s a Youtuber that you need to subscribe to! Matt the GameBoyle!

He’s got a set of great videos that show off his collection, some game reviews, Long plays of games and some videos on bootleg games too.

Here is Matt’s GameBoy collection! It’s pretty impressive, though he concentrates more on cartridges rather than complete in box games. But he’s got a lot of rarities in there such as the Japanese only Barcode Boy and the Swedish only release Bamse.

I simply love this review of a Japanese only game, NooBow. This cute little adventure is very similar to the Dizzy games.

Here’s a review of a game that I’ve seen plenty of times but ever thought twice of it. But finding out that it was made by the developers who made the Kirby games.

Here is his LongPlay of Trip World. He calls his LongPlay videos, All The Glory.

…and here’s a video from his Boy Curious series. Funny name indeed, these videos are his Bootleg game reviews.

And he’s got Pickup videos!

So be sure to go over to his Youtube channel and Subscribe to him! He makes great videos!

Will you be subscribing to him? Are you already subscribed to him? Do you like his videos? Tell me in the comments below.