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I really want this game! Crawl.


Indie, Willy and myself are big fans of the new Gauntlet game that was released back in September. However I totally missed out on another hack and slash action game that was released on Steam Early Access in August.

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Great Bit Vlog 7: A game design I made when I was 8!

popfilter copy

So I get home from work and I see some letters and parcels left on the stairs. One of which was a copy of the awesome Pengo on the Sega GameGear, now that I now possess one! However I noticed an opened letter and I thought to myself “Oh great, my mother’s been reading my letters again” to notice that the date on it was from back in 1992, and the rest made for one awesome night of childhood nostalgia!

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Here’s some Bloodborne gameplay. Yes it’s a sequel to Darksouls!

E3 may have only shown us an FMV cut-scene of what to expect. But videos were leaked on the internet from a demonstration of the game shown back in February with it’s Project Beast name.

bloogborne (1)

Videos  got leaked onto YouTube, and since then got removed as a cease and desist. But that didn’t stop the internet from into them into gifs! Hooray for the Internet! Continue reading

GOG Summer sale is on!

GOG Summer

For all you GOG fans out there, they started their Summer Sale today with one hour flash sales and 24 hour packs on the cheap. Let’s see what you guys will get in this sale! Prepare your wallets!

GOG Summer Sale

Nintendo E3 Rumour time!


E3 will be next week, and to be honest I’m not too excited about it. If there’s anything to be excited about, I don’t know about it yet. However Twitter user @9_volt88 posted a rather interesting image…

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A very cool idea for PC gaming.

Remember the days when PC and Mac games came in big-ish cardboard boxes! I certainly do! Funny enough in the States they kept hold of the big PC game boxes for a while. I remember visiting my Dad in Cape Girardeau Missouri in 2003, I would visit the EB Games in West Park Mall and noticed how PC games were still in big cardboard boxes when over in Ole’ Blighty we put new release PC games in DVD cases since 2000.


Here’s something for you “Physical copy” fans out there. Indie Box. A service where once a month you’ll receive a new Indie game delivered to you in an old fashioned big PC game box filled with feeliesContinue reading

Z is coming out on Steam!


So yeah! that RTS that I didn’t get to play back in the day. Not saying that sarcastically, I just didn’t get to play it back then! Is now being released on Steam. Unlike SpeedBall 2 HD, that remade the graphics, or Chaos Engine, where they didn’t change the graphics, but added an online mode. The Steam edition of Z appears to retain the same graphics as it’s Amiga and DOS predecessor, but plays the game in a higher resolution, meaning that you’ll see a lot more of the map without messing about with the graphics. It’ll be pixel perfect, but there will be 1080p screen support, meaning you’ll see a lot more on screen without it looking like arse on your 21st century 1920 * 1080 monitor!

The game will be coming out on the 7th of June, and hopefully I’ll be picking this classic RTS game up! Providing that it’s at a decent price!

Could this finally be the reason to get a WiiU?


Nintendo this morning announced the last few details about Mario Kart 8 before releasing it on the 30th of May in Europe and the US. Along with showing off some cool new weapons such as the Crazy Eight, where your kart is surrounded with 1 of each of the basic items in the game; they explain more about gameplay mechanics such as bumping into other vehicles in anti-grav mode gives you a boost. But there’s something a little cooler than that! Continue reading

The 10th Anniversary of Hey Hey 16k!


Wow… I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since MJ Hibbett and the Validator’s Hey-Hey 16k appeared on and became an internet smash hit before iTunes, Youtube and Facebook was around! I was in university at the time, and I don’t really recall how I discovered the track. Back then with the lack of Youtube and Facebook, any flash animation was amazing at the time, including Joe Cartoon’s Frog in a blender, and Weebl’s Badger-Badger-Badger-Badger… But what was a silly flash animation of a random family photo singing a song about the ZX Spectrum 16k (with poorly photoshoped hats) became a huge hit, not just for, but to the original artists, MJ Hibbett and the Validators. The song originally came out in 1999 on (what’s believed to be) the very first internet exclusive single. The track then got popularity 5 years later when Rob Manuel created the flash video for the song. And that’s history for you!

Now, 10 years after the famous flash video, Mark Hibbett has released the 10 year Anniversary version of the single, and has included the original B-Sides in there too! So be a sport and get yourself a copy today!

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