Birthday Money Spending Pickups.


It was my birthday over the weekend, and I got myself a good amount of birthday money. I went out and got myself a lot of awesome gaming stuff. There’s some boring things that I needed like new jeans and shirts, but let’s talk about the good stuff!


Early in the morning, I went to my local carboot sale and found a Russian man selling a whole bunch of games including a Sega Saturn Virtua Gun. It was a bummer that House of the Dead wasn’t included with the gun, but I bought 10 games from the seller for £50. Typically I don’t spend more than £30 at a carboot sale, but I did get a WiiU Game, Nintendo Land, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles on Wii, and Harvest Moon Magical Melody all boxed, complete and in great condition. The only unboxed games I got from the seller was Street Fighter 2 Turbo and FlashBack on the SNES. Even if I spent £50 on all this, it was originally going to be £65! But the seller was quite a pushover and haggled it down to £50; £15 off for all that isn’t bad at all!


Whilst at the carboot sale, I saw this awesome gumball Pachinko-like machine. The idea was that you put a penny into the machine, although in this case the coin door was removed. A gumball would drop from the top of the machine, topple from side to side from the pins in the machine like a bagatelle or panchinko machine. There are 5 pockets that the gumball could fall into, and there’s a record player inside in the machine that’s triggered when a gumball falls into it; a short melody played and the music is different depending on with pocket the gumball went through. Personally I would’ve loved to take this home and get it running, but this machine is about 3 and half foot tall and was pretty heavy. It made me wish I could drive! Hopefully it might still be there when I get my licence!


Lastly there’s this lot! Harvest Moon and Sega Manx TT were bought at the carboot sale, I just forgot to take a picture of them in the picture from above. I received a copy of a Japanese version of Tetris DX on the GameBoy Color from eBay. What’s amazing is that this is the cheapest boxed GameBoy game I ever got! The seller on eBay was selling his entire Tetris game collection! I missed out on the New Tetris for N64 and Tetris Plus for the PS1, but I got the Japanese Tetris DX for an amazing £2.50! Not only that, but it’s in really good condition, a great bargain! I got myself a boxed version of The Hunt for the Red October on the GameBoy for about £9. What’s awesome was that it came with a plastic box to protect the cardboard, I might get some of these for my other boxed games! I went to my local Charity shop where I saw every Assassin’s Creed game released was available for sale. I didn’t really need them, but I saw a copy of Diablo 3 for £5, this was a game that I’ve been debating for a while, and now I got myself a copy at last.


And there’s Tomodachi Life. Like with Diablo 3, this was another game I debating about getting, but just like with any Nintendo game, it’s high price stays there for a long time, and I just didn’t want to get the game for £40! My friend Nick gave me a GAME gift card for my birthday, so I used that to get myself a copy of this quirky life sim from Nintendo.


Finally there’s this, a Chromcast. Wait Ian! That’s not a game! I know. But this is another non-clothing thing I purchased along side with my games. Again, this is another product that I wasn’t sure of getting when it first came out, but with the power of birthday money, I finally got one, and it’s an all right piece of kit. Sure it’s not the greatest thing in the world, seeing as it’s app based rather than a full blown media player. But it works with my phone and tablet pretty well, and runs pretty much almost everything I have on them. So for £30 it’s not a bad piece of tech.

What have you bought with Birthday money? Get anything cool? Got any non-gaming stuff that’s worth telling me about? Tell me in the comments below!