Awesome week in downloadables for Euro WiiU/3DS users!


According to Nintendo Life, some fantastic games will appear this week on the eShop for UK and European WiiU and 3DS owners!

Firstly is the already announced After Burner II 3D on the 3DS. A part of the second wave of 3D Sega titles, After Burner II will appear first in this week’s eShop update on Thursday. After Burner, just like Space Harrier, is one of many Yu Suzuki Sega title that I would love to experience in stereoscopic 3D.

Next is Axelay, a SNES game appearing on the WiiU virtual console. This is a great shmup that I own on my US Wii. Not too sure if I’ll pick this up seeing as I already own, but if you’re a shmup fan that has never played I highly recommend getting this for your new WiiU!

Then we have Demon’s Crest, the SNES sequel to Gargoyles Quest 2. The US got this game on the WiiU a few months back, and now us Brits and Europeans can play this game too. There was an official PAL release of this game, but it was sold in such small numbers that buying a PAL version of it now on eBay can sometimes cost as much as buying a copy of Terranigma! All I can say about this game, with the very little experience I’ve played on it, Think of Gargoyles Quest, but now add some Super Metroid and Super Castlevania flare into it, and you got yourself a right cracking game!

Nintendo will have a promotion for Indie developed games on the WiiU eShop. The one I’d recommend to anyone with a WiiU would be Bit Trip Runner 2, now at a nice price of £3.99. Maybe not as cheap as a Steam deal, but worth it never the less!

Finally, on the 3DS, they’ll be a discount for Project X Zone. A turn based strategy game in the same vein as Fire Emblem, featuring Namco and Sega character duking it out. It’s a sequel to a Japanese only PS2 game called Namco X Capcom, and both are considered as really good games. I could have got a copy when it came out a couple of years back, but I’ve very hesitant to buy £40 games unless I REALLY want it! But for a cool £9.99, I think I might go and finally get myself a copy!

Got yourself a 3DS/WiiU? Fancy any of these game? What game do you want to get? Tell me in the comments below!