Awesome Indie game time!


OK OK, I know I haven’t added anything in my since the 19th of December. I keep having a bad habit of going into procrastination mode! But hey! Something awesome video game related happened to me today! So let me show you this awesome indie game I stumbled on Steam GreenLight, Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball!

When I saw this on Steam GreenLight I thought this was an awesome idea for a game! It’s pretty much a multiplayer FPS game where you kill people with dodgeballs! Not to mention it has a great name! Even better you can play the early access version of this game for a mere five bucks!

I had to get on this early access version! I coughed up $5 to try this out, and it’s pretty damn good! The video above is myself playing this game on Twitch.TV! The controls on this game are the little different to typical FPS games. In this game, you’re a robot on a motorised roller blade, just the one for these robots, and because of so there’s an inertia in movement, since you’re on rollerblades, it’s not like as if you can stop instantly. Your movement for the most part has to be “planned” in ahead of time, otherwise you’ll just slide around the place like like a lunatic. It’s a simple idea with a lot of challenge!

There are 5 game modes, deathmatch, score battle, elimination, hoops and super ball. Deathmatch is simple, throw dodgeballs at the opposing team members. Score Battle is Deathmatch, but your team’s score is racked up based on successful skill throws, the team with the most points win. Elimination is a one hit kill game, the last man standing wins. Hoops is a basketball like game where you throw balls into a hoop in your opponent’s side of the arena. Lastly, Super Ball is a capture the flag style game where there’s a gold ball in the game, and whatever team has the golden ball, they receive a point for every second they hold onto the ball. the team that reaches 300 points wins.

Even when this game is in beta, and has a few bugs in it, it’s a highly entertaining online game that I simply love, and I hope to see this game get finished and get Greenlit on steam!

To get into the early access, head over to 82apps’ website and throw them five bucks!