Another, really again? Virtual Reality headset…


Whilst searching Twitter, I discovered an article on Kill Screen named, 3DHead is the gloriously inevitable clusterf*ck of our dreams. This was what I greeted to…

Named the “Oculus Rift Killer” at CES this year, the marketing campaign is simply terrible, not to mention being marketed by a child actor reading from a script written by someone who really likes early nineties lingo. Regardless of the marketing itself, just look at the thing!? It’s huge! One of the many reasons why virtual reality failed in the nineties was the size of the headset. Now granted, at least this company is showing off games, and showing a, so called, audience. But wait, what is the audience doing exactly? They’re just looking at a tablet with a stereoscopic 3D display on it. That isn’t new guys… Nintendo and Samsung have already done that! This, public audience, must have been paid a good amount of money to look surprised at a 3D display on something that I’m guessing is just an Android tablet.

The next ridiculous thing is the, 3D hand controller. Hand Controller you say? Of course we don’t use our hands to use controllers any more since the Kinect and the PlayStation Eye is so popular! OK, I’ll admit that’s a bit harsh and very satirical, but at this point I’m truly dumbfounded by the naming of this, not to mention the name of the machine, 3DHead, itself. From what it looks like, it’s a controller add-on for a 3D stereoscopic android tablet that replaces the mouse and keyboard for use on the PC; at least they’re showing off a controller unlike the Hero Station. When the system is attached to a console, you just use the said console’s controller, which makes you think why they needed actors to be amazed at a 3D tablet if you’re not going to use one when playing it with a console! Which made me realise, why is there a tablet based controller for a virtual reality system in the first place? Think about it, you’re not going to look at it are you? You’re going to look at the display mounted in the headset, so why is there a stereoscopic 3D tablet again?

To be honest I think this is just some weird cash grab towards anyone ignorant about present virtual reality technology. In fairness, it’s simply one of those goggles they tried to sell during the middle to late nineties that can emulate a huge TV screen without having a huge TV screen…


Apparently TV Goggles were shown off in the sixties by Hugo Gernsback. It didn’t catch on did it?

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, there isn’t going to be an Oculus Rift killer. If there is; the closest competitor would be Project Morpheus and those cardboard cut-outs that you put your phone inside. Lets stop pretending that we need another virtual reality piece of hardware in the market. It’s hard enough to keep up with Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus alone! Adding more would turn our brains into mush by media and journalism. Let’s leave it alone and allow the big boys to do their job!

So what do you think about this? Is it Junk? is it a piece of beauty that I clearly can’t see? Or is the Virtual Reality market going to suffer from an inevitable over expansion, and too many brands? Tell me in the comments below!